Naming Opportunities

Our naming opportunities are listed below.

European Galleries $1,000,000

European Galleries

The Samuel H. Kress Collection is permanently displayed in this 3,300 square-foot space consisting of three colorful and inviting galleries on the upper level of the Museum. The Kress Collection is one of El Paso’s finest treasures.

Museum School Classrooms

A = General Purpose (capacity 20 children or 15 adults) – $200,000
B = Ceramics (capacity 30 children or 25 adults) – $150,000
C = Sculpture (capacity 40 children or 35 adults) – $150,000

With three spacious, functional classrooms located on the first floor, the EPMA Museum School is able to offer hands-on educational opportunities each year to approximately 1,500 students diverse in age, experience, interests and needs.

Docent Office $50,000

Near the Meadows Library and Museum School, this room is where trained volunteer guides leave belongings, strategize tours and relax before groups arrive. EPMA docents educate more than 30,000 visitors annually on guided tours.

Art Storage $25,000

Climate-controlled and secure, this space is used to house the permanent collection of the Museum. With 16 feet of vertical space and 6,715 square feet of available floor space, it is outfitted with state-of-the-art storage equipment including lockable closed cabinets, flat files, painting screens and open heavyweight metal shelving. There is additional floor space that allows for the storage of temporary exhibitions and for the growth of the collection.

Museum Administration Offices $25,000

This space, which houses all EPMA staff, consists of a reception area, 9 offices, 6 cubicle workstations and one large employee break room.

Endowed Museum Positions

Curator of European Art – $2,000,000
Curator of Mexican Art – $2,000,000
Curator of American Art – $2,000,000
Museum School Coordinator – $1,500,000

Endowed Museum Programs

Hidden Masterpiece Lecture Series – $750,000
Film Series – $250,000